ICOON for refugees

If you can’t say it, show it! Picture Language for Refugees
ICOON for refugees helps refugees and helpers communicate. A simple book with 1,200 symbols and photos can overcome any language barrier. It uses pictures when words fail. After the successful crowdfunding-campaign at Startnext.com, which allowed a first edition of 30,000 books, you can still support the project. Your 20 euro support allow the production of 20 books. One book will be sent to you as a reward.

More than 1.200 useful icons and photos
Questions, answers and statements in German, English, French, Arabic, Farsi and Urdu
12 categories
52 pages
Simple index
World-, Europe- and Germany-maps
Foil-coated soft-wrapper
ISBN: 978-3-9809655-5-2

Find out more: www.icoonforrefugees.com
20,00 EUR
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