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ICOON for refugees picture dictionary ist part of the Design exhibition „Empathy, now!“ at Gallery Design BWA Wroclaw – Empathic design versus the great adversities of the modern world.

Empathic design is rightly recognized as one of the most important contemporary design disciplines. The ability to observe consumers and look at the world from their perspective leads to the creation of products that respond to their needs, which gives the products themselves a better chance of market success.


Out now and almost all 50,000 picture dictionaries for refugees distributed :)

We are very happy that almost 50,000 picture dictionaries were sent free of charge to…
Awards & Exhibitions

Our picture dictionary is Double-Winner German Design Award

Our non-profit communication help ICOON for refugees won the German Design Award 2018 in two…

4th edition of ICOON for refugees

ICOON for refugees for Ukraine Working on a new edition of ICOON for refugees for…